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Bale Baron 2012 4230 (verkoop nieuwe machines)

The new Bale Baron from 2012 make from 21 or 18 small bales hay/straw/silage a strong bundle from 240x140x90 cm  Also 9 bales bundels cna the 2012 make seize140x95x90cm (silage)Almost all big bale wrappers can wrap this bundle  This machine can in line with the baler,and works very fast .600 bales or more in one hour is possible.The new 2012 perfections are a double set off frontwheels .A stronger and faster plunjer pignon for make faster and stronger bundles.The Bale baron has a Heston proofed double knotter system.The work for big bales and the price for small bales The bundles from 21 bales reduce labour 50% in opposite of bundles from 14 bales.

On the second video.you see how we from big Bales hay and straw with the Bea Baron on a good way small bale stacks produce.After the difficult harvest seizon 2011 it is hard to find small bales hay and straw .Big Bales are more easy to find .Almost without handjob with the Bale Baron we make strong stacks of 21 small bales.Some hay/straw bisiness compagnys use these bundels








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Bale Baron 2012 4230

bale baron (occasion)

The Ultimate in Automatic Small bale Packaging System New bundle machine on the european market . This bundle-machine make from 21 small-bales hay/straw one strong bundle what is easy to handle mechanic. It is in line with the baler. So it save one labour and one tractor! The capacity by 90 ltr hydraulic flow around 600 bales an hour .The big bale of 21 small bales has the dimension of 240 cm length 140 cm high and 85 -90 cm width.This bundle is easy mecanic to load ! On our farm a good replacement of the Arcusin b14 Multipack.4000 bales a day is possible!
From 1-06-2010 new price by rate of exchange!
Brochure Balon Baron


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bale baron

Bale Baron Demonstratie/loonwerk (Diversen)

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Bale Baron Demonstratie/loonwerk

Bale Baron Dubbeldoel (verkoop nieuwe machines)

New for Europe Bale Baron with Pick up for use behind the tractor .Also to use behind the baler!The work for big bales and the money for small bales . Big Capacity around 600 bales pro hour and 4000 a day. looks at the video.! Look for the video and the brochure


 Brochure Bale Baron

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Bale Baron Dubbeldoel

Bale Baron 4230T (occasion)

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Bale Baron 4230T


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